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This Motion Graphic Asks The Important Question “Where Are All The Aliens??”

If there are billions of stars with potentially billions of planets in the universe, then there must be life… right? The math works out, but one dude named Fermi threw a monkeywrench in that logic in the form of a paradox. Dude was like, where are all of the aliens?? I mean, you can say that the distances are too far, or that Earth is the chia-pet of some other civilization, or aliens are really beings on another plane, or beings with better technology, and so on and so fourth…. but I guess this troll has a point too. In the end, I sleep comfortably knowing that the truth is out there.

This video was created by Alex Verlan, a motion graphic designer from the Ukraine with a project called Versa. You can check out more of his work, here.

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