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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 24: “The Most Portland Thing That Could Possibly Happen” [Guest: Hutch Harris of The Thermals]


Hutch Harris is a singer/songwriter & guitarist for the popular Indie Rock band The Thermals. This episode we discuss The Thermals’ initial rise in the mid-2000s, their recent performance at the now-famous “Birdie Sanders” rally in Portland for 11,000 people, their new record ‘We Disappear,’ Hutch’s recent turn towards stand-up, his band-coaching work for the new movie ‘Green Room,’ and more!

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Next Episode drops: July 13th!

The Thermals performing for 11,000 people at a Bernie Sanders rally:


Hutch’s stand-up story that was bleeped out of the episode, so as not to spoil the big twist in it: 


Here is a recent live set from The Thermals on KEXP:

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