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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 26: “Figuring Out Who Is Real And Who Is Not” [Guest: Brett Davis / Smith LIVE at the DNC]

Brett Davis is a comedian and actor who currently hosts the cult comedy show ‘The Special Without Brett Davis‘ which can be seen streaming live online every Wednesday at 11pm with full episode for free on Youtube ( for more info). This episode we discuss being in high school and exploring the NYC comedy scene of the mid-2000s, inheriting his show’s platform from Chris Gethard, the eclectic mix of guests the show gets, how wrestlers and comics aren’t so different, and more. Also, around the 45 min mark, I check in with Brett’s associate and conspiracy talk show host Smith for a LIVE* report from the 2016 Democratic National Convention!

*Prerecorded live. But, yes, actually really recorded (at the time of this release) last night from the floor of the DNC.

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