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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 33: “Media is Kinda Stupid, Remember?” [Guest: Dimitri Simakis of Everything is Terrible]


Dimitri Simakis is the co-founder of internet video collective Everything is Terrible and current head of short-form video for Super Deluxe. If you have ever seen a weird clip online of some insane stranger danger after school special, bizarre infomercial, religious children’s show, or anything that could be traced back to a VHS tape of long forgotten nonsense, Everything is Terrible probably had something to do with it. This episode we discuss the role of re-contextualizing these old clips, the earnestness of the original creators, the importance of realizing everyone is just as stupid as everyone else, using curation and editing to tell social commentary, and more.

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Next Episode drops: November 16th!

A Few Videos Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Yello Dino:


Steve Harvey Existentialism:




Cat Massage Lady:


Bad Comic Rap: 


Religious Donuts: 

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