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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 40: “I’m Bouncing Around Here” [Guest: Jimmy Pardo]


Jimmy Pardo is a comedian and host of the popular ‘Never Not Funny‘ podcast. For over seven years he was also the warm-up comic for ‘Conan.’ He’s also a regular guest on @Midnight. On March 4th he’ll be hosting his annual live 12-hour podcast called the Pardcast-a-thon to benefit the Smile Train charity. In this episode we discuss the influence of radio broadcasters on his comedy, how podcasting has helped older comics reinvent themselves, being one of the first big podcasts back in 2006, how late night TV is now built around moments, and of course we discuss Jimmy’s high school band, ‘Rainbow Bridge.’

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Asking the hard questions:



Jimmy on Conan:


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