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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 43: “Writing About Where You’re At” [Guest: Ted Leo]


Ted Leo is a musician who has performed for the past 15+ years in various capacities with his band, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, as well as having recently collaborated with Aimee Mann on an album as ‘The Both.’ He was also in the band Chisel during the mid-90s and has been playing for crowds since the late 80s. Recently, he Kickstarted his new album, and with 48 hours left as of March 22nd, has received over $150,000 from his fans. This episode we discuss his career arc, the perception of age as it relates to music, the overlap between music and comedy, musical cruises, and more! ALSO, Ted was gracious enough to play a couple of songs for the show! One of his classics and one new one off his forthcoming album!


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Next Episode drops: April 5th!


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