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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 44: “Nostalgia as a Commodity” [Guest: Neil Cicierega]


Neil Cicierega is a content creator who has been making weird, wonderful things online since he was a teenager. If you don’t know him from his music as Lemon Demon then you might know him from his Potter Puppet Pals youtube series or his series of mash-up albums or his youtube videos or from any number of one-off creative endeavors. In this episode we discuss defining exactly what Neil does, the idea of nostalgia as a commodity in pop culture, the evolution of Youtube, deconstructing They Might Be Giants, and more!

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Next Episode drops: April 19th!

Track from ‘Mouth Moods’


Neil at XOXO Festival


Lemon Demon


Potter Puppet Pals’ recent 10th Anniversary 4K Special


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