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Wait, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were Fighting?

As a HUGE Wayne’s World fan I’m slightly miffed that I had no idea Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were fighting!


I write “were fighting” because this amazing comedy duo have buried the hatchet. They’ve even made up with Wayne’s World director Penelope Spheeris. What caused all this bad blood? All signs point to Mike Myers:

Carvey and Spheeris both notoriously fell out with Myers despite the 1992 feel-good film’s huge success. Myers blocked Spheeris from directing the 1993 sequel because she’d ignored his edit suggestions on the original (her cut already had tested well). And Carvey felt Myers later stole his Dr. Evil impression for Austin Powers, which supposedly was based on Carvey’s goof on Lorne Michaels.

Dr. Evil was originally Dana Carvey’s impression of SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels! Wow. This factoid could be on Wayne’s World IMDB’s trivia page. But seriously, why did they all make up? MONEY. The three will be part of a Wayne’s World reunion panel on April 23.

Here’s hoping this kinda leads to a Wayne’s World 3.

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