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Watch: ILM Shows Off The Amazing Special Effects of Jurassic World

Any right-minded person could tell you that the dinosaurs running around in last summer’s blockbuster hit, Jurassic World, weren’t real. A cursory knowledge of how special effects have been applied in the last decade of movie-making would probably tell you that there were some other elements that weren’t actually on set when Colin Trevorrow and co. filmed the picture. What you might not realize is that much of what you saw in the film: water, trees, buildings, people, and pretty much everything else in the movie was nothing more than a very realistic cartoon.

In the video above, released by Industrial Light and Magic, you can see just how much of that Jurassic World wasn’t in the world at all. The ILM crew, who did the FX work for the film are pretty slick. I mean, who would have guessed that those baby triceratops were actually just dudes wearing saddles. Though, while we’re on the subject, that’d make for a pretty interesting movie as well.

Get on it Trevorrow…

Check out more behind the scenes footage of your favorite Hollywood blockbusters on ILM’s official YouTube page, here.

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