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Watch Parker Kane Create Dubstep With A McDonald’s Cup and Straw

Yes, you were correct when you clicked! Here’s a dude showing off his beat-boxing/dubstep talent with his choice of instrument being nothing other than a McDonald’s cup.  This is why we love YouTube.

Parker Kane’s social sites say he’s a nursing assistant in Idaho.  Which I guess just means you can find mad skills anywhere in this world. On his YouTube channel, Parker Kane you can find other non-dubstep musical videos, one in which features Parker’s sister Hayley who has a delightful singing voice. YouTube says they’ve been singing songs together since they were small children.

Comments on his video are positive and encouraging, “A true McLegend” and “Incoming Reddit flood.”  Amazing talent in the simplest way, iPhone video and a fast food cup.  Keep the beats coming Kane, the Internet likes you.

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Jessica Giardino

Jessica Giardino