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Watch Rob Kardashian Do a Terrible Job Shilling For T-Mobile in a Terrible Internet-Only Commercial

I normally don’t give a shit about any of the Kardashians. On top of that, I actually frown upon, and negatively judge those who do. It’s true, try me!

But sometimes, something squeaks it’s way out of the vacuum of vapidity that is Kris Jenner’s spider den of a vagina/home. This is Rob Kardashian in a Web-Only advertisement. Not only is the ad just dumb and boring, but Rob does an excellent job personifying the entirety of advertising. disingenuous, shallow, and without integrity.

What’s sadder to me is that T-Mobile still posted this. Are American consumers so shallow themselves that T-Mobile just dangles the least-likeable Kardashian (an accolade in itself) in front of us, hoping to snag a few idiot tweens/middle aged women?

I hope none of you guys are like that.

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