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WATCH: Roger Rabbit Was Even More Impressive Than You Probably Remember

As a kid, I was drawn to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? because it featured the likes of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck and Daffy Duck together on screen. (Not to mention all of the other cartoon characters strewn across the film!) I remember thinking that it was neat that they combined animation with live-action footage, but more than anything it was a funny movie that had a great story.

As an adult with a degree in media studies, I realize the whole thing was way more complex.

Not only were the rights to those characters probably a pain in the ass to negotiate but creating memorable characters among iconic ones is impressive in and of itself. That doesn’t even take into account the impressive detail that went into blending the animation and live action. Until I watched the video above, I had no idea just how revolutionary it was, because I haven’t given Roger Rabbit a whole lot of thought since watching it as a child. I mean, I remember that it won the visual effects Oscar in ’89, but that’s about it. Get off my case, I was like 10 or something…

This excellent video essay was produced by kaptainkristian, who’s previous videos take on the likes of Futurama, Watchmen, South Park, and more. I highly recommend that you go check them out.

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