Watch the Wu Tang Clan’s GZA Rap About Science

Why do we get to experience the awesomeness of hearing Gza rap about science? Because the rapper is part of a new program that is encouraging New York City public schools to use hip hop as a tool to teach science. Pretty cool.


And on top of molding these kid’s young impressionable minds, GZA gives us a sneak peak of one of the songs off of his new science themed album: “Dark Matter.”

“It’s inspired by the universe,” he elaborated. “Planets, elements, everything that’s around us. I’m putting those facts together, and making a story out of it.”


“Before space and time, thought produced a speck of light
It was infinitely hot and so extremely bright.
Within the center of this great shining,
There was massive energy expanding in great timing.
Within this fireball was all of space,
A very special place with information and taste.
Literally the beginning, this cosmic clock was ticking
And allowed space to flow before spinning.
Everything we see around us: the sun, the moon, the stars,
Are millions of worlds that astound us
The universe in size was hard to fathom.
It was composed in a region small as a single atom,
Less than one-trillionth the size the point of a pen,
Microscopic but on a macro level within.”


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