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Watch These Famous Movie Dance Scenes Re-Dubbed with Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk

Guess what? We didn’t officially have a Song of the Summer for 2015. Think about it; do you remember a sweet tune getting stuck in your head this summer? Well, I certainly don’t. And I can’t be the only one. Just Googling “Song of the Summer 2015” brings you back some top 10 lists but no clear winner.

Well, that’s perfectly fine and not something you should be panicking about in the least. Why? Because the song of *winter* 2015 is back and now you get to watch famous movie dance sequences ranging from Saturday Night Fever to Dirty Dancing “dance” to that funky ass beat that is Uptown Funk!

This Mashup was created by the French Mashup experts  What’s the Mashup? and features 100 famous movie dance scenes all synced up with Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.

I know I can name all 100 movies, can you?

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