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Watch This Bug-Eyed Dude Hilariously Bungee Jump (Then Watch Again, In Slow Motion)

Over here at the DAPS office, we love taking videos that are going viral and enhancing them with our ill editing skillz, bro. Today we found a video that we loved about a man and his helmet cam taking an adventurous bungee jump somewhere on the Eurasian continent.

We watched this one and laughed it up like hyenas, but then that little lightbulb floating over my head went off. I knew exactly how to make this clip better.

Step 1: Remove Unnecessary waiting to jump.

Step 2: Slow Motion.

Step 3: Tom Petty.

Step 4: Share with the interwebs.

Step 5: Re-upload to Vimeo once video is removed for copyright violation (pending)

You’re welcome.

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Chris Olivieri

Chris Olivieri

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