Weird Compliments Are The Best Compliments

Being able to accept a compliment without getting all weird and awkward is quite the rare skill. Even when the compliment is genuine, and the person receiving said compliment is comfortable around the complimenter, people still don’t really know how to react.

The only two things that could make complimenting someone more awkward, are 1. If the complimenter is a stranger, and 2. if the compliment is completely absurd and weird.

The guys from AwesomenessTV went and combined those two awkward compliment traits and the result is pretty great.


“I like the way you chew”

It’s funny that the girls all seemed to just take the compliments as terrible pick-up lines, but the guys all seemed oddly flattered no matter what was being complimented.

I guess guys don’t get complimented very often. You guys should all go out and compliment a guy today, it’s a good bet that he needs it.

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Chris Olivieri

Chris Olivieri

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