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“Family Guy To The Future” is a supercut of all of the Back To The Future references on Family Guy

Well, we’ve finally made it!

It’s October 21st, 2015. At approximately 4:29PM PST today Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer Parker will arrive into the “future” from 1985 in a flying DeLorean time machine. It’s a celebration bitches! Don’t let this day go to waste just like you did on Judgement Day, as August 29th, 1997 came and went without much fanfare. Don’t miss out the way you completely missed October 11th, 2012., the day Sir Peter Weyland established Weyland Corporation. So, take a deep breath and savor it, because after today we can never relive Back to the Future’s fantastic 1980’s-fied version of our present moment in time.

Back to the Future isn’t just a humorous time travel movie that I remember fondly from my childhood. It’s something that we all remember fondly from *our* collective childhoods. Were all of our experiences the same? Nope not even close, but they were painted with the same broad brush strokes; Back to the Future wearing your jean pockets inside out, because “All kids in the future wear their pants inside-out” type of brush strokes.

So to each and everyone of you reading this, let’s celebrate ‘Back to the Future’ Day by watching Family Guy to the Future: a supercut featuring every time Family Guy referenced Back to the Future in chronological BTTF Trilogy order.

PRESENTING: “Family Guy To The Future”

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