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Here Are Your Winning Powerball Numbers, Also Powerball Is An Illuminati Conspiracy, Also Rick Ross


Here at the DAPS office, Libbermish and I think we’ve figured out the winning Powerball numbers. If you’re living in a cave, or another country, or reading this from the future, let me explain. The Powerball lottery drawing, is at it’s biggest jackpot of all-time, and we think the whole thing is a conspiracy. Is it rigged? Maybe. Are we being tricked by the most lucrative slight-of-hand of all time? Most likely. No matter what the mechanism, we’re pretty sure that the public is being hosed, in all likelihood by the Illuminati.

How did we come to our conclusions? Don’t worry about it! Just don’t steal our numbers, which if we had to guess, are probably also Rick Ross’ numbers. That’s fine, we’re willing to share with The Big Boss.


#rickross says the illuminati just hit him up and dropped off the ???? to the powerball

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