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With H1N1 Fear At Its Highest Point, Why Not Do Your Part and Kill Off All Of Humanity?

Have you played Pandemic 2 yet?? No. Well you’re in for a treat. With the news media going on and on about shortages regarding the H1N1 Flu shot why not take a moment and think how the H1N1 Flu feels about all of this. All it wants to do is live by infecting as many humans as possible. What’s wrong with that? Won’t anyone think of the H1N1 FLU!!!

Every time I start a game of Pandemic 2 I get this sick feeling in my gut. I should be on humanities side and fight this flu fuck but there’s something¬† evil/ fun about trying to create a virus or flu that will kill every human on the planet.

This is how the game works:

The game starts with you infecting a very small number of people in a specific country. You can then increase the rate of infection by purchasing symptoms, resistances, and modes of infection like airborne and waterborne. You can also slow things down by getting rid of a symptom or resistance, but doing that also costs points, so you need to be careful not to waste your moves.

Pandemic 2 ends when either you win by wiping humankind off of the face of the planet, or the humans successfully develop a vaccine and prevent you from infecting everyone.

You go from everyone being all healthy and happy and green


To oh shit countries are red now. FUUUCK they’re dying out there man!!!



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