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Wylie Overstreet, Alex Gorosh, & Friends Built A To Scale Model Of The Solar System, and Filmed It Beautifully

With all of the drama that we encounter on an everyday basis, it’s easy to forget just how small we are in the grand scheme of things. With the true size and scale of the universe, it’s impossibly hard to perceive it realistically with our puny human brains. Director Wylie Overstreet and cinematographer  Alex Gorosh (along with a few other friends) wanted to give us an accurate depiction of this solar system that we live in. So, the guys took a trip to a dry lakebed in Nevada to create a to scale model of our Solar System.

If the rest of the episodes are as beautiful as this one, they’re sure to be a pretty big hit. As of right now, there’s at least one more planned… it’s about the true scale of time.

So, who are these dudes? Overstreet is a director who actively avoids social media. Ironically, his biggest success to date is a book called The History of the World According to Facebook. Gorosh, who has one of the better Twitter handles that I’ve ever heard (@GoGoGorosh), has been making beautiful videos for quite a while now. His portfolio includes work for Starbucks, Gap Inc., and FedEx — all shot with a sort of socially conscious soul. We made this determination *before* seeing the dude’s TEDx talk, which would have told us about his philosophy outright:

Subscribe to “To Scale” on YouTube, here.

Follow Alex Gorosh on Twitter, here.

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