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Zack Morris Makes Modern TV Shows Better

Television was so much better when I was a kid, or at least that’s how I remember it. Out of the hundreds of shows I’ve watched, none had the impact on me as Saved by the Bell did. Maybe it was my adoration of Kelly Kapowski or was it my corny appreciation for Mr. Belding? Who am I kidding, It was Zack that made this show so damn great.

In honor of the great Zack Morris, we here at DAPS decided to put him in modern sitcoms with hopes that he would make them as great as he did Saved by the Bell. Check ’em out after the jump.

Let’s start off with terrain that Zack would be used to, a show for kids. iCarly is a really popular show with kids because it perpetuates the idea that people with nothing to say and an internet connection can become “web famous.”

Zack is seen here celebrating with these people at a wedding. Looks like he brought his Canadian Tuxedo for the special event.

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